Welcome to the Islander Package Store on Nantucket Island. We’ve built our reputation by having the largest wine selection on the Island, with prices that won’t be beat. American wines are our strongpoint, but we pride ourselves on an overall exceptionally fine global selection. Owner and buyer, Paula Driscoll, has been personally tasting, reading and buying for The Islander since opening on Polpis Road back in 1983.

We now begin a new chapter in our long Island history; after twenty-seven years at our old location, we’ve moved into our new home at 15 Old South Road. General consensus from old and new customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with comments of how bright, clean and attractive our new space is, along with the usual compliments regarding our great selections.
As always, if we don’t have a particular beer, wine or liquor that you’re searching for, we’re only too happy to special order; if it’s available in Massachusetts, your request is never more than a couple of days away.

Don’t want to deal with rotary traffic?
Just give us a call to place your order and we’ll be more than happy to come to you*.